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Maintenance Training Rig

Maintenance Training Rig

Hands-on training without using the real aircraft

Nato Helicopter Management Agency (NAHEMA) contracted us due to our experience in big scale replicas of weapon systems.

We develop and deliver a total of five MTR for France and Germany. The intention of the initiators of the programme was to make sure, that there would be a set of training media dedicated solely to maintenance training, without the risk that they would be salvaged or recruited for operational demands.

Precision and Durability for Uninterrupted Training

A Maintenance Training Rig (MTR) is a training device to train aircraft technicians in performing maintenance tasks according to the technical publication without using the real aircraft.

This quite unique approach building a MTR solely comprising of replicated equipment.

The use of MTRĀ“s based on replicated equipment account for a significant cost reduction and a prolonged life of the original helicopter.