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Meet RST at MilSim Asia 2017

RST at MilSim Asia, Stand No. 12

Berg, Germany December 21, 2016


Discover the latest innovations from Reiser Simulation and Training, exhibiting at MilSimAsia 2017 in Singapore. Discover simulators and simulation with extraordinary potential — made in Germany.

Only recently the new full flight simulator (FFS) for the Airbus helicopter H145 platform developed by "Reiser Simulation and Training" has successfully passed Factory Acceptance Test. Multiple missions covering the broad spectrum of HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services) operations during day and night were conducted successfully and have proven the maturity of the company's FFS product line and the H145 platform simulation. The FFS will now be delivered to the ADAC's training facility in Bonn, Germany for on-site integration and certification.

Reiser Simulation and Training will now showcase their new Full Flight Simulator FFS at the 2017 MilSimAsia in Singapore. lt is equipped with several features setting a new standard in helicopter flight and mission simulation, e.g. visual features, which are important for HEMS but also for military operations are addressed in a new degree of realism.

The H145 Full Flight Simulator, a simulator with highest possible fidelity, with full 6 DoF electric motion and vibration system, an on-board Instructor Operating System (IOS) with briefing, debriefing and scenario generation system, dome display with 240° x 80° view with dual channel LED projection system and night-vision-goggle stimulation, a worldwide database with customer chosen high resolution areas, 25.000 airports and computer generated forces for air, land and sea applications. Networking for distributed simulation is available.

Reiser Simulation and Training have also developed an Avionics Desktop Trainer (ADT), which is a derivative of the FFS. Specialists will be available at the stand to explain all the features of the ADT. The H145 Avionic Desktop Trainer is a Classroom Solution for Procedure Training and familiarisation, with high fidelity flight dynamics, engine and AFCS model for all normal and emergency procedures, providing instrument procedures in both manual and AFCS modes including VOR, NDB, ILS, RNAV, GPS approaches. Also provided is a Garmin „Lite", with virtual panel, adjustable frequencies and loadable flight approaches with the option of a EuroNav 7 navigation kit or a hardware version of an original Garmin GTN 750 navigation kit. Also implemented are a sound model including warning and caution tones and an Instwer Operation Station (IOS), a 100% derivative of the IOS from the FFS, with mission planning, re-positioning, fuel management, wind/ weather simulation and malfunction capabilities. Further options are simulations of an Automatic Terminal Information System ATIS and of an Automatic Collision Avoidance System ACAS.

Visit our experts at MilSim Asia, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Stand No. 12!


About Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH:
Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST) can look back on 28 years of experience in the fields of simulation and training technologies for military and civil aviation platforms. The family-owned company with headquarters south of Munich presently employs more than 200 aviation experts at two premises. RST's range of products and services primarily covers the development, design and production of simulators and training media for both pilots and maintenance personnel. The company's reputation has been built on understanding its client's needs, applying extraordinary quality standards and manufacturing the most reliable products of its dass which reduce the operational cost for its customers.


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